Backend API Version 14.3.0

Released January 25, 2019.

Enhancements & Benefits

  • Final release of Advanced Audit & Reporting backend prior to Admin Console release

  • ​Improved record history detailed data

  • Replace "Recent Activity" data with new enhanced metadata

  • Business logic for Audit & Reporting SKU and billing system

  • KeeperChat free trial activation from Admin Console

  • Increase allowed file upload size on "Custom Logo" from Admin Console

Bug Fixes

  • Syncing fix in shared folders related to removing a user from a folder

  • Overlapping IP ranges in enforcement restriction caused exception

  • "Ownerless" records after vault transfer are automatically corrected

  • Translation fixes regarding certain new role enforcement policies

  • Record "delete" events not logged when deleted from root user folder

  • SCIM triggers email to admin if the max number of licenses has been exceeded

Coming Soon

  • ​Version 14.4.0 includes several new features for Master Password login when SSO is unavailable, and offline mode in the Web Vault.

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