Backend API Version 14.4.0

Released on March 14, 2019

Enhancements & Benefits

  • Ability to login to Keeper when offline and SSO is unavailable, on the Web Vault and Desktop App. In this use case, the Keeper Admin enables the feature from the admin console role enforcement policy. This feature is disabled by default. It will only appear as an option within an SSO-enabled node.

  • For users who are part of an SSO-enabled node where the Admin has enabled Master Password login, the user will be able to login to the Web Vault and set a Master Password. Note that the Master Password complexity is enforced based on the rules of the role enforcement policy.

  • When offline mode is permitted by the Keeper Administrator, users can login to the Web Vault in a fully offline situation, or in a network that has no SSO access. Note that in order to make use of this feature, the user must login to the Web Vault on that particular user account at least one time.

  • If an account is available for offline login, an indicator graphic shows on the login screen:

  • Keeper Commander can now be utilized on SSO-enabled accounts through the use of the Master Password.

  • Security Update: We have added new security updates to prevent enumeration attacks against SSO Customer Enterprise Domain names.

  • We have added several new event types in the Advanced Reporting & Alert module to track the following events:

    • Alert Created

    • Alert Deleted

    • Alert Paused

    • Alert Resumed

    • Team Created

    • Team Deleted

    • Role Created

    • Role Deleted

    • Node Created

    • Node Deleted

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where "Just-In-Time (JIT)" provisioning setting was being ignored

Known Issues

  • ​Offline mode will not work in Internet Explorer and the mobile version of Safari, due to the limitations of those platforms.

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