Backend API Version 16.8.12

Released on Feb 27, 2023

Security Updates

  • KA-5165: A change was made to prevent users outside of the SSO-enabled node to login with the designated SSO provider. If you have users experiencing issues logging in, ensure that the user has been provisioned to an SSO-enabled node. From the Admin Console, edit the user profile and select the proper node from the node tree drop-down.

Bug Fixes

  • KA-5219: Sharing enforcement policy not working on Team-Role mapped users

  • KA-5204: Account Transfer failing for users with all "general" record types

  • KA-5248: Unable to delete a pending enterprise invited user from the console

  • KA-5255: Transfer Records sends one email per record

  • KA-5274: Compliance reports generating 500 error for some environments.

  • KA-5297: When a shared folder is shared via a team, the sync response does not include team data that is needed to decrypt the shared folder. This is occurring in both partial and full syncs.

  • KA-5257: IP whitelist ranges are limited in the total number of ranges. The number of ranges needs to be increased.

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