Browser Extension Version 16.10.0

Releasing July 2024

Primary Improvements

Record Creation in Extension Tab

We've introduced new safeguards to user data with the addition of a highly secure Extension Tab.

Now, attempting to create a record from any on-site UI will open a new tab, where information can be entered with increased security.

This includes record creation from field icon prompts, fill prompts and the right-click context menu. You can find visual examples of the various workflows below.

Extension Tab Navigation

Any content entered in a website's username or password fields will be automatically populated in the Extension Tab's new record form.

Once a new record is saved in the Extension Tab, you will be automatically routed back to the website you were on and the Extension Tab will close.

Upon returning to the website, the username and password fields will be auto-filled with the values of your newly created record.

Password Generation Prompts

Keeper will no longer suggest new passwords on website login pages, because we assume you likely already have a password you'd like to enter.

This prompt will continue to appear on new account registration pages, where it's more likely to add value.

Simplified Prompts

We've streamlined the "New Record" prompt that appears when there are no suggested records for a site.

Username Suggestions

Keeper will no longer suggest users' emails on websites, which previously occurred when clicking on a website's username field.

This eliminates the risk of username data being compromised via third-party clickjacking.

This functionality has been improved upon and made available in the Extension Tab.

Creating Address & Payment Records

The extension tab can be used to create address and payment records as well. This can be done through the use of Keeper's context menu by right clicking anywhere on a website.

Other Improvements

New ARAM Event

An "Open Record" ARAM event will be triggered when users open records in the Keeper Browser Extension.

This event will not be triggered upon opening the edit record or create record screens, filling a record, or changing a password.

Screen Reader

Made the readout for the extension's search bar clearer and more simple, to increase accessibility.


BE-5473: Prevented repeated clicks of Duo 2FA buttons from creating duplicative text notifications

BE-4266: Fixed issue where user was required to log in a second time to access the vault and browser extension after transfer account setup

BE-5520: Fixed issue where the region selector sometimes disappeared from the extension's login screen if the toolbar window is closed

BE-5511: Fixed issue where multi-line password values showed as a single line when hidden

BE-5504: Fixed an issue where custom records with 2 URL parameters did not match on each URL when "Match on Subdomain" setting was enabled

BE-5499: Fixed an issue where records that had multiple URL fields were at times not sorted correctly

BE-5590: Fixed an issue where a record remained after being deleted when certain actions were taken

BE-5727: Fixed an issue where the extension's "Stay Logged In" setting was being incorrectly overwritten by the vault's equivalent setting

BE-5758: Fixed an issue where an "Unable to load the key data" error was thrown when attempting to save a new record

BE-5739: Fixed an issue where viewing a password that included certain special characters would cause the extension's toolbar window to crash

BE-5772: Fixed an issue with incorrect profile pictures being displayed

BE-5767: Fixed an issue where TOTP code was at times not displaying in the extension after being added to a record

BE-5675: Fixed an issue where logging in was complicated if the user closed the SSO tab while being prompted for 2FA

BE-5677: Fixed an issue where custom login records with 20 URL fields would show indefinitely when opened in edit view in the toolbar window

Site-Specific Fixes

BE-5626: Fixed performance issues on

BE-5728: Fixed interference with rich text editor iFrame on











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