Browser Extension Version 16.4.7

Released on Sep 7, 2022

Features & Improvements

  • BE-4595: Updated to the latest Keeper Javascript SDK

  • BE-4534, BE-4010, BE-4535: Migration to MV3

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4479: 2 single tab windows with different domains confuses the context menu

  • BE-4623: Extension does not allow users to retry with different Enterprise Domains

  • BE-4494: After moving a subfolder out of a folder, the extension shows info in 2 locations

  • BE-4593: User not taken to Web Vault when clicking vault button from sign-in screen

  • BE-4587: Mouse changes from arrow to hand on record title

  • BE-4639: Editing the URL from the extension does not reflect in the UI

  • BE-4659: Users in AU are not auto-logged-in to the extension when installing it from within the Vault.

  • BE-4646: Error message "object already exists" when logging into the GovCloud region.

  • BE-4661: MAPFRE website causes JS error

  • BE-4692: Open in Vault does not open the record when the vault is already open in another tab.

  • BE-4695: KeeperFill is showing in Gmail search box

  • BE-4703: Prompt to Save is not showing correctly when the user does not have a record in their vault.

  • BE-4701: Expiring the Master Password does not show the proper error message in the UI.

  • BE-4716: Filling on VMware Horizon with Autosubmit does not click the correct button.

  • BE-4717: Throttling message not being displayed in the UI properly in some cases.

  • BE-4691: Vault Transfer consent notice not showing in the browser extension

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