Browser Extension Version 16.6.2

Released on August 23, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • BE-5237: Moving a record into a different shared folder causes it to disappear from Autofill

  • BE-5013: Searching KeeperFill with Kanji characters doesn't work

  • BE-5012: Twitter Japan autofill issues

  • BE-4862: Some favicons are showing broken images

  • BE-4986: No "Copy" button showing in Notes field

  • BE-4995: Date format does not change in different locales

  • BE-4985: Extension does not retain email when logging in from the web vault

  • BE-4984: The extension is overriding the enterprise enforcement complexity on random password generation when the enforcement’s generation is less secure than the default password generation.

  • BE-4936: When searching the matching records and deleting one character at a time, the matching records don't reload when the search field is cleared.

  • BE-4933: The Account select in the Change Password window erroneously shows the Create New Record at the bottom of the list.

  • BE-4904: Github 2FA code doesn't autofill

  • BE-4917: Amtrak login issues

  • BE-4876: There are customer reported cases that on startup on some chromium (opera in this case) browsers, the chrome.tabs.onUpdated function is called before the onBrowserStart function has completed. This causes some bugs.

  • BE-4840: BE is not resetting all matching records after user manually deletes all the characters in the query string.

  • BE-5127: Unable to use Passkeys on Best Buy in Firefox

  • BE-5240: Unable to login to the Admin Console using Firefox with a hardware security key.

Other Changes

  • BE-5166: Default Autosubmit to OFF on new accounts

  • BE-5206: Record UID is now searchable

  • Many other website-specific autofill fixes

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