Browser Extension Version 16.7.0

Released on Oct 17, 2023


  • BE-4356: Ability to control tab behavior with the Keeper lock icon within form fields. By disabling this accessibility setting, tabbing through forms will not focus on the icon.

  • BE-5058: Password generator history feature provides users with a way of retrieving any generated password (in case they forget to save it). Generated passwords are encrypted and only decrypted upon logging into the extension. Visit the Password Generator screen > Generator History. To clear the history, click on "Clear History".

Bug Fixes

  • BE-5336: Some sites are crashing with Keeper installed. The sites affected are using extremely large field identifiers, causing Keeper's regular expression parser to use too many resources.

  • BE-5328: Cloudflare WARP client breaks Keeper passkeys usage

  • BE-5218: When editing a record from the matching records screen, the record is not visually updated in the UI until user returns to main menu

  • BE-5253: On Windows devices, Passkey login on Google is not allowing the user to use a different passkey other than the one stored in Keeper.

  • BE-5282: Setting up a Microsoft security key while having Keeper installed hangs intermittently

  • BE-5267: Some sites in Safari are not loading our scripts on the first load when navigating directly to them either by putting the website address in the toolbar or using a bookmark.

  • BE-5231: Lock icons appear on the wrong side for some sites that are in Hebrew

  • BE-5290: auto-submit not working

  • BE-5239: Onboarding a new user directly from the browser extension with SSO having a 2FA enforcement fails to complete signup

  • BE-5210: Extension does not auto-append "https://" in the URL field if the user fills it in manually.

  • BE-5204: There are some scenarios where the enterprise Domain Restriction enforcement policy is not working properly when the domain changes while the user is navigating through a site. LinkedIn is an example of this.

  • BE-5190: PayPal website in German region not working

  • BE-5103: Deleted Shared Folder Is Not Removing Records Within That Shared Folder On Other Accounts. When User A that owns a shared folder with records in it and User B is shared that shared folder, then User A deletes the shared folder, the records persist in User B’s cache.

  • BE-4991: Re-Authentication policy for editing enterprise record is not enforced when using the right-click context menu

  • BE-5232: Fixed login issues on JP tax filing site (

  • BE-5300: Fixed AWS login issue where Account ID is filled with TOTP code

  • BE-5165: Fixed

  • BE-5299: Filling from the browser extension toolbar is not using Equivalent Domains (e.g. and

  • BE-5298: Searching too fast causes no results then breaks search until logout.

  • BE-5295: Unable to save changes with V2 (general) records - checkmark (save button) does not work.

  • BE-4476: In some scenarios, the browser extension is not calculating enterprise audit scores.

  • BE-5216: Autofill issues on

  • Various site-specific autofill issues as reported by customers

Security Updates

  • BE-5273: The "copy" icon appears on records with privacy screen enforcement policy. Occurs on custom templates w/ privacy screen, team enforced, and role enforced records

  • BE-5285: Improved security of Payment Card filling with additional system popup prompting.

  • BE-5278: The Default User Setting enforcement for the Stay Logged In option is not interpreted correctly in BE. The enforcement should only apply on the first login after the user has been added to a role. Any changes made to the "Stay Logged In" setting should stay saved whether its ON or OFF.

  • BE-5242: The Keeper lock icon is showing in Gmail search fields in some languages

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