Browser Extension Version 16.7.1

Released on Nov 3, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • BE-5291: Multiple customer reported website fixes

  • BE-5226: Logins with MFA fields are auto-filled with URL in some cases

  • BE-5288: Unable to edit multi-line notes in the extension

  • BE-5287: Improvements to password generator record creation flow

  • BE-5317: Automatic updates of the public suffix list

  • BE-5331: Shared folder-subfolder records are missing in the extension

  • BE-5352: With "match on subdomain" enabled, the extension does not autofill on a non-subdomain-matching site even if it's the only record.

  • BE-5348: Remove the user's search string from local storage

  • BE-5351: FIDO2 key prompt not appearing for some sites

  • BE-5365: Performance / browser crashing due to a large number of "hidden" input fields


  • BE-4919: Upon installing the extension, we now auto-launch a helpful user guide page.

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