Browser Extension Version 15.3.5

Released on June 25, 2021

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • BE-4000: The password generator only allows a maximum of 51 characters (should be 100)

  • BE-4008: IP Addresses are displayed and linking incorrectly in record view of search results

  • BE-3916: SSO login to extension generates "update your account settings" error

  • BE-3742: "Prompt to Update" dialogue disappears too quickly on page redirect

  • BE-3707: Payment card autofill fails on

  • BE-4013: Creating a record at registration screen submits the form prematurely

  • BE-4036, BE-4016, BE-4017, BE-4019, BE-4021: Fill button fails to fill existing record on various sites

  • BE-4020, BE-4022: Auto Submit fails on various sites

  • BE-4025: Auto Submit occurs on various registration forms when it shouldn't

  • BE-4026: The second password fields of various registration forms are not filled when a new record is created

  • BE-4015: Privacy Screen allowed user to copy password in one particular flow

  • BE-3998: If user explicitly turned Autofill OFF, don't prompt to turn autofill on anymore.

  • BE-4002: Improved Password Change detection routine to ensure password is saved even if the user forgets to click Save.

  • BE-4035: Records are not deleted for the user immediately when the user is removed from a Team.

  • BE-2358: Fixed auto-submit on Lifelock website

  • BE-3968: Locked down Content Security Policy embedded within the extension.

  • BE-4012: Improved synchronization with the Web Vault and backend system for Logout persistence.

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