Safari Extension Release 14.14.0

Released June 9, 2020

Benefits & Features

  • Privacy Screen - Admins now have the ability to control the viewing (unmasking) of passwords based on a specified domain. This policy is enforceable by the Admin for individual domains within each of their Generated Password Complexity settings by enabling "Apply Privacy Screen".

  • Master Password Re-entry Enforcement - This role enforcement allows Admins to require their users to re-enter their Master Password in order to unmask or copy a password. Once unmasked, the password will be re-masked after 30 seconds have passed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Extension window appears after a user is prompted to re-enter their master password in an attempt to edit a record, payment card or address.

  • Fixed: User is prompted to re-enter their master password twice when attempting to edit a record.

  • Fixed: When a user logs into Google via the extension, Google Sheets crashes with an error message.

  • Fixed: When logging in with SSO and selecting "Require code every 30 days for Two-Factor Authentication", user is incorrectly prompted for verification code at next login.

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