KeeperChat Client Release 4.0.0

Released on July 20, 2021

Features and Improvements

  • Login V3 Enhanced Enterprise Authentication Flow - Keeper has launched a new authentication flow for our customers with Enterprise plans that simplifies deployment and usability while enhancing security.

    • If Keeper recognizes an end user’s email domain as an SSO-enabled Enterprise, the user will be automatically routed to their identity provider instead of having to type in the Enterprise Domain string.

    • For Master Password users, if a device is recognized, and 2FA is activated, the user will receive a prompt prior to typing in their Master Password.

    • Keeper Push, Keeper’s proprietary notification-based device approval system, simplifies the device approval process without compromising security. Keeper will now support 2FA code entry from a TOTP or text message or push notification to an existing, recognized device.

    • More information is available here:

Bug Fixes

  • CC-1733: DUO-push setup in 2FA

  • CC-1708: Self-destruct feature after 5 invalid password attempts

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