Vault Version 14.12.0

Released February 28, 2020

Features & Enhancements

  • Support for Windows Hello This release introduces Keeper's compatibility with Windows Hello (available on Windows 10), a biometrics-based technology that allows users to authentic and log in to their Windows device using biometric facial recognition, fingerprint reader, or pin.

    • If Windows Hello is enabled on a user's device, this eliminates the requirement for users to enter their Master Password at the Keeper login screen, further expediting the login process.

    • Users can enable "Windows Hello Login" within their Vault's security settings. In doing so, at their next login to Keeper, Windows Hello will attempt to authenticate the user's identity. Once authenticated, the user will automatically be logged into Keeper.

    • Support for Windows Hello for Business is also included in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Imported records from Password Boss are missing the URLs if they are contained under the "login_url" key.

  • Fixed: Users that have an apostrophe in their email address receive an error message denying them access at the login screen.

  • Fixed: Creating record shortcuts between shared folders are unsuccessful in certain scenarios.

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