Vault Version 14.13.0

Released April 16, 2020 for Desktop App

Benefits & Enhancements

KeeperFill for Apps Redesign - This release entails a comprehensive design and technical update of KeeperFill for Apps, dramatically enhancing the user experience with the Keeper Desktop App. The Desktop App window can now be closed but remain running and accessed through the system tray via the familiar Keeper icon.

Many of the existing features of Keeper's Desktop App can now be applied through KeeperFill for Apps, such as: filling credentials and launching websites, viewing all records and favorites, adjusting settings, and accessing Keeper's User Guides. Additionally, within the Settings menu, the following KeeperFill hotkey actions can be customized by the user, further streamlining their experience with Keeper for Desktop:

  • Launch KeeperFill

  • Fill Username

  • Fill Password

  • Open Desktop App

  • Logout

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Users are not able to save a new billing address when it is created within the New Payment Card window.

  • Fixed: The shadow of KeeperFill for Apps remains behind after the window has been closed.

  • Fixed: In certain scenarios, a password import from newer versions of Firefox cause the Keeper Desktop App to crash.

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