Vault Version 16.1.0

Released on June 28, 2021

Accessibility (508 Compliance)

  • Keeper has been making UI changes across all web-applications and browser extensions to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. § 794d). The Keeper Web Vault and Desktop App now supports keyboard navigation and they are compatible with popular screen readers and other assistive technology.

Features and Improvements

  • KDE-1079: Packaged an all new Safari browser extension with the latest features as Chrome, Firefox and Edge extension.

  • KDE-1080: Added support for Windows Hello role enforcement policy

  • KDE-1081: Upgraded the Electron framework to v12.0.9

  • VAUL-4692: Add clarification around the minimum security answer length requirements

  • VAUL-4588: Initial Support for 508 Compliance across Web Vault and Desktop Application

  • VAUL-4694: Unless disabled by role enforcement policies, users will be required to configure Account Recovery instead of indefinitely delaying

  • VAUL-4750: Simplified the new customer experience when purchasing Keeper prior to creating free Vault account.

  • VAUL-4822: Improved the embedded image viewer

  • VAUL-4092: Added Bitwarden to the available import formats

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-1092: LastPass automated import broken for certain users due to iterations settings.

  • VAUL-4830: 2FA enforcement with SSO user causes extension and vault to be out of sync during login.

  • VAUL-4836: Auto-suggestion drop-down fills the entire screen when there are very long URLs stored in the vault.

  • VAUL-4838: "Ghost" records in vault when deleting a shared folder containing an owned record

  • VAUL-4840: Gracefully handle scenarios where team keys cannot be decrypted

  • KDE-1073: UI issues caused when the vault logs out while push notifications are in front.

  • KDE-1085: Denying the password importer prompts can lead to a frozen Keeper Desktop app.

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