Vault Release 16.11.1

Released June 17th, 2024


  • VAUL-6523: Added pin code generator to "Pin Code" custom field

  • VAUL-6595: Improved 508 compliance for "Record Types" default actions

    • Escape key closes "Record Types"

  • VAUL-6596: Enhanced 508 compliance for "More Filters" default actions

    • Escape key closes "More Filters"

  • VAUL-6597: Fixed issues with 508 compliance regarding possible actions. Dropdown lists out of focus are automatically closed

  • VAUL-6648: Updated support information that appears in the vault directing users to:

Bug Fixes

  • VAUL-6550: Implemented a modal warning for trials expiring within 24 hours

  • VAUL-6747: Removed offensive words from the word list

  • VAUL-6613: Updated strength indicator to prevent it from turning green erroneously

  • VAUL-6721: Fixed the default passphrase separator issue

  • VAUL-6719: Corrected domain conflict alerts to display the appropriate text

  • VAUL-6519: Fixed issue with Chrome displaying a break in the password generator

  • VAUL-6728: Prevented users from saving passwords with domain conflicts

  • VAUL-6729: Ensured that users with privacy screens cannot view PIN codes

  • VAUL-6732: Introduced new alerts for different domain conflicts

  • VAUL-6737: Added missing strings for various languages

  • VAUL-6741: Improved vault UI responsiveness when saving new passwords

  • VAUL-6736: Resolved issues with the PIN-CODE and PIN Generator not working

  • VAUL-6740: Added missing translation for 'Your password has been saved'

  • VAUL-6754: Implemented in-app popup for expired trial warnings

  • VAUL-6753: Fixed issue with the privacy screen feature

  • VAUL-6759: Fixed the issue preventing saving passphrases with domain conflicts

  • VAUL-6761: Resolved incorrect display of consumer/enterprise settings

  • VAUL-6770: Ensured default configuration is correctly applied when new fields are unchecked

  • VAUL-6776: Fixed GUI issues in the password complexity feature

  • VAUL-6723: Fixed issues with losing ownership of a record in a shared folder

  • VAUL-6693: Corrected tooltip hover text display issues in shared folders

  • VAUL-6653: Fixed time selection issues in the date picker configuration

  • VAUL-6726: Resolved a white screen crash issue

  • VAUL-6688: Resolved UI issues with the new shared folder modal

  • VAUL-6733: Addressed issues with configuration records not being viewable

  • VAUL-6731: Fixed time picker for 24-hour time format in One-Time Share

  • VAUL-6734: Fixed file upload issues

  • VAUL-6738: Corrected viewing link display issues in One-Time Share

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