Admin Console 16.13.2

Released on July 5, 2023


  • EM-5804: Implemented RESTRICT_IMPORT_SHARED_FOLDERS enforcement to restrict importing LastPass shared folders from the desktop application.

Bug Fixes

  • EM-5701: The "Last login" data was empty in the user status report on the Admin Console when there are more than 1,000 users.

  • EM-5770: There were times in which logging into the Admin Console does not approve pending team users. The user must click on “Full Sync” in order for the users to be approved.

  • EM-5685: Pagination selector on user list goes off the screen

  • EM-5610: In the Compliance Reports section, the Admin is able to click the "save" filters button multiple times and have a filter created for each click

  • EM-5838: In GovCloud region, activating Secrets Manager rotation policy generates white screen.

  • Various language and UI fixes

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