Admin Console 16.15.0

Released on Sep 12, 2023

New Features

  • KA-4724: Support for Cloud SSO SAML Parameter ForceAuthn in the SSO cloud configuration screen. When ForceAuthn="true" is set in the SAML request, the Service Provider (Keeper) is telling the IdP that even though the user is already authenticated, they need to force a new authenticated session.

  • EM-4577: Support for Unverified Certificates in the setup of Splunk, Syslog, QRadar and LogRhythm.

  • EM-5071: Add role enforcement policy "Prevent Keeper Family License Invites" which restricts the users from creating a free family license.

  • EM-5850: Support for Brazilian Portuguese

  • EM-5278: Add node path for each user in the exported Security Audit Report

  • EM-5926: Add 12-hour and 24-hour 2FA time durations

  • EM-5242: Allow the creation of MSP and Enterprise free trial signups on a mobile device. Previously this was limited to desktop browsers.

  • EM-5236: Login screens with new feature promotion content

Bug Fixes

  • KA-4144: Record type changes were not syncing to the console without clicking the sync button

  • EM-4750: SSO user asked for Master Password when clicking into Admin Console sometimes.

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