Admin Console 16.17.0

Released on Mar 21, 2024


This release provides several bug fixes and UI improvements to business and enterprise customers.

New Features


New Console Onboarding experience that enables Keeper Administrators to get up and running quickly and easily

UI Refresh

Refreshed UI for the following areas:

  • Nodes

  • Users tab, table, drawers

  • Roles tab, table, drawers

  • Teams tab, table, drawers

  • 2FA tab, table, drawers

  • Provisioning tab, table, drawers


Various Console usability improvements, including:

  • Additional Identity Providers available in Single Sign-On settings

  • New edit button directly on Cloud SSO page

  • Edit provisioning settings by clicking anywhere in the row

  • Email is now displayed in user list dialogs

  • New copy button next to email in user dialog

  • Added status for Transfer Policy acceptance in user detail dialog

  • Added status for 2FA in user detail dialog

  • Role name is now shown in upper left corner when editing role policies

  • Users are now sorted alphanumerically in role listing

Other Improvements:

  • Implemented a prefix based mapping for SCIM groups to roles

  • Added ability to duplicate roles

  • Improved consistency of inactivity logout timer settings

  • Added enforcement policy to prevent role duplication

  • Added enforcement policy to require PIN for security keys

  • Gradient MSP PSA Billing integration is now available to distributors

Bug Fixes

  • KA-5666: Fixed an issue with calculating KSM usage by tier

  • EM-5756: Fixed an issue that caused objects with long names to be excluded from search results

  • EM-5802: Fixed an issue with displaying ARAM alerts for expired/inactive licenses

  • EM-5843: Fixed an issue that caused deleted roles to continue to be displayed within user details pages

  • EM-5588: Fixed an issue that caused unlinked data to remain in the database after deleting role enforcements

  • EM-5944: Fixed an issue where CSV downloads were susceptible to code injection in older versions of Excel that have Dynamic Data Exchange enabled

  • EM-5257: Fixed an issue that prevented notifications from appearing in the console when 2FA is disabled for a user

  • EM-6131: Added more detail to the error message displayed when attempting to add a user with an email address that has already been used

  • EM-5782: Fixed an issue that caused admins to be prompted for approvals in incorrect nodes

  • EM-6092: Added page number to screens with multiple page results

  • EM-6045: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect navigation when adding a recipient to an existing alert

  • EM-6074: Admins can now update settings for active SIEM integrations

  • EM-6185: Improved hardening against MITM attacks

  • EM-6234: Updated the behavior of dependent enforcement settings to actually change related settings along with disabling the dependent UI elements

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