Admin Console 16.18.0

Released May 2, 2024


EM-6011: Password, Passphrase and Symbol Policies

We're excited to launch our expanded role policies for the new password generator and passphrase generator. In the user interface, the old generator policy settings have moved into a new section called "Record Passwords".

This feature contains many new capabilities, including:

  • Default Password Policy

  • Default Symbol Policy

  • Default Passphrase Policy

  • Domain-Specific Password and Symbol Policy

  • Domain-Specific Passphrase Policy

With this update, the password generator (of supported vault applications) will use the "Default" policy unless a domain-specific policy has been set. Previously, customers needed to use wildcards (*) to apply a default policy at the domain level. This change ensures that a default policy can be established, without the requirement of a domain to be saved on the Keeper record.

The new corresponding Password and Passphrase generator on the vault user interface is rolling out to all platforms, beginning with the Keeper Web Vault and Desktop App version 16.11.0. The browser extension, iOS and Android apps will also support the new generator policies in an upcoming release.

EM-6303: New policy "Can share outside of isolated nodes"

EM-6257: Added the ability to have a custom port for SIEM Syslog push

EM-6088: Added new ARAM event "Created Alternate Master Password"


  • EM-6420: Displaying ARAM events syslog_app_client_folder_delete and syslog_app_client_folder_update

  • EM-6537: Added email address to display of Vault Transfer screen

  • EM-6533: Implemented improved Duo API communication with backend to reduce dependency on push notifications

Bug Fixes

  • EM-6318, EM-6275: KSM Licensing information is displaying properly for API-based units.

  • EM-6306: "Removed Team from Folder" event is showing Team Name instead of Folder UID

  • Several UI, localization and visual issues

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