Keeper Gateway v1.2.1

Released on July 10, 2023

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Local Connections Settings are now cached

    • Better management of connection details (shell path, shell type, sudo password requirements, etc.) to better associate PAM records and its associated gateways

  • Optimization & necessary refactoring of code to reduce API calls

  • General Improvements

    • Escaped the '{' character for macOS 'su' expect script due to it being a special character in expect.

    • Added 'echo' before getting the user list in macOS to avoid output pre-pending issues.

    • Fixed finding Linux shell if the SHELL environment variable is not set.

    • Changed Azure integration tests to provision Python in the Azure Instance Extension.

    • Addressed issues in Azure tests related to creating AD users via the provisioning script. AD Admin doesn't have privileges on the local machine to change local user passwords.

    • Resolved a problem where the Linux subprocess didn't like the 'type' command, now attempts 'which' first and then 'type'.

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