Keeper Gateway v1.2.2

Released on July 12, 2023

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Reduced Password Rotation time by preventing Database & Directory Rotations from gathering information on local connection

    • Improved efficiency by shifting the IP address collection process from the gateway to the connection as part of the existing setup

    • Implemented lazy loading of the gateway record which requires the IP addresses. If the connection settings are not cached, a local connection will be established and the connection setting cache will be filled.

    • Overrode the password property to allow for lazy loading if the password has not been loaded yet. If a connection requests the gateway password and the gateway record has not been loaded, it will load it and then return the password from the record.

    • Local connections will now check if the gateway has cached connection settings. If it does, it will set those values in the connection. If not, the connection will proceed with the standard setup, copying the connection settings into the gateway upon completion.

    • If the local connection's password is blank, the connection will retrieve the password from the gateway.

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