Keeper Gateway v1.2.3

Released on July 17, 2023

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Update Windows Service to Run Keeper Gateway CLI in Background Thread and Actions in a Process Pool

    • Implemented queues and loggers for the CLI thread to streamline operations.

    • Added an optional output to queue for the CLI thread, increasing flexibility.

    • Made modifications to stop messages and prompt command updates.

    • Introduced the CLI thread runner for better management of operations.

    • Enabled the Windows service to use the CLI thread runner, providing better integration and functionality.

    • Adjusted the system to use the Windows service thread for PyInstaller, enhancing compatibility.

    • Integrated the use of a process pool executor for gateway actions to improve performance and responsiveness.

    • Enabled Keeper Gateway command line and service to use a single binary, simplifying the system and reducing potential issues

  • Improved Error Messages

    • Prevented display of raw exception messages by creating a global method to handle exceptions for AWS & Azure

    • For databases, a global exception handler was created and refined to handle different database engines

    • Updated the "retype" prompts to be less specific to account for differences based on Linux OS versions or the service the password is being changed within

    • Exception messages for Linux/macOS password interaction were modified.

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