Keeper Gateway v1.3.1

Released on September 17, 2023

New Features

  • Custom Fields for advanced Gateway Configurations: NOOP, shell, Kerberos

  • Custom Field for better record management in post-rotation: Records Control

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Added command length verification

    • Command Length Limitation: Added checks to ensure that commands in post-rotation do not exceed the byte limit specific to the shell (e.g., 8192 bytes for Windows CMD).

  • Fixed issue where the user parameter was not being set in the Base64 encoded JSON object for Post Rotation Scripts

    • Eliminated the redundant user parameter from _generate_params function, as it's already available in the object.

  • Fixed Illegal Characters for Oracle

    • Added @ to the list of illegal characters to meet Oracle's input requirements. Other characters such as single quotes were also added for SQL safety.

  • Fixed Gateway Permission Settings for Non-English Windows

    • Modified permission settings logic to work correctly on Windows systems using languages other than English.

  • Fixed Windows Shell Detection

    • Delayed setting the command prompt until after the shell type is definitively determined, therefore resulting in fixing issues when the shell is not PowerShell.

  • Improved handling of Shell Responses

    • Stream Handling: Improved the response stream handling for slow systems on Linux and macOS by waiting for a known prompt.

    • Character Stream Cleanup: Added several clean-up steps to the character stream to remove extraneous characters and control codes.

  • Updated Gateway Logs to include Post Rotation Script Output when Debug flag is set

    • Debug Block: A new debug block that logs details of the script, its success status, and STDOUT/STDERR.

    • Secret Redaction: Ensured that secret or sensitive information is redacted from the logs.

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