Keeper Gateway v1.3.4

Released on November 18, 2023

New Features

  • GovCloud Compatibility: This version of the Keeper Gateway ensures full compatibility with GovCloud customers requiring EC encryption.

  • Custom Fields for advanced Gateway Configurations:shell, Private Key Rotate, read more here

    • Expanded Private Key Beyond RSA Format

      • Additional Key Support: Besides the previously supported RSA private keys, added support for ed25519, ecdsa, and dss private keys, aligning with algorithms backed by ssh-keygen.

      • Key Rotation: Private key rotation now uses the algorithm and bit size of the current key for generating a new one. A custom text field "Private Key Type" is introduced to specify a desired algorithm.

      • Private Key Rotation Control: Added a custom field "Private Key Rotate" that lets users control if the private key should be rotated.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Added Virtual Resource for the NOOP Operator

    • There is an issue where If the admin credential is not set & the NOOP flag is set to TRUE, the resource UID is set to None/blank, breaking the resource hierarchy and potentially leading to provider misidentifications. Instead, to resolve this issue, a virtual resource will be generated.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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