February 2023

KSM Release Notes for February 2023

KSM Python SDK v16.5.0

  • KSM-313 - Improved Keeper Notations. New parser, new escape characters, Notation URI, search records by title and other meta data values in the record

  • KSM-319 - KEY_CLIENT_KEY in configurations is missing in certain situations

  • KSM-356 - Ability to create new custom field in the records using KSM SDK

KSM JavaScript SDK v16.5.0

  • KSM-315 - Notation improvements

  • KSM-356 - Create custom fields

  • KSM-369 - Improved logging

  • Upgraded dependencies

KSM Java SDK v16.5.0

  • KSM-314 - Notation improvements

  • KSM-356 - Create custom fields

KSM GoLang SDK v1.5.0 (client version mg16.5.0)

  • KSM-317 - Notation improvements

  • KSM-356 - Create custom fields

  • KSM-365 - Fixed KEY_CLINET_KEY is missing error

  • KSM-366 - Avoid exceptions/panics and return errors instead

  • KSM-367 - Fixed license not shown on pkg.go.dev

KSM JavaScript SDK v16.5.1

  • Updating dependencies version

  • Restoring some missing methods from the Notation improvements release

KSM Python SDK v16.5.1

  • KSM-371 - Improved Windows Config file permissions check

  • KSM-370 - Upgrade to latest cryptography>=39.0.1 library

KSM GitHub Action v1.0.7

  • Upgraded to run on node16

  • Upgraded KSM SDK to 16.5.1

  • Upgraded dependencies

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