SSO Connect On-Prem 16.0.7

Released on April 10, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • KSC-411: Additional SAML destination URL added for Android support. This value is used when an On-Prem SSO user changes their PBKDF2 iteration levels.

  • KSC-395: The template "API error: XXX" needs to be translated and replaced with an appropriate error message. This occurs when SSO Connect cannot contact the Keeper backend API.

  • KSC-387: Two-Factor Authentication with a TOTP method states "code send via text message" which is an invalid string.

Security Updates

  • KSC-415: Improve security of SAML XML parsing, as flagged by CodeQL

Other Improvements

  • KSC-412: Expand the list of Identity Providers in the UI

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