SSO Connect On-Prem 14.1

Released on May 9, 2019

Features & Benefits

  • SSO Connect now has a new configuration parameter: key_type. The value can be “rsa” or “ec” (case-insensitive). This is a shared property so it is stored in the data/ file.

    It is also synchronized with KeeperApp and shared with other instances.

    We also removed the “key password” dialog box on the Configuration page when the SSL certificate file is in .pfx format. The library we are using assumes that if the file has both a “key store password” and a “key password”, they are the same. So we shouldn’t allow the user to enter a different “key password”.

  • Package Keeper SSO Connect as .msi installer

  • The SAML IDP Metadata standard says that the metadata must contain one SingleSignOn binding, either POST or REDIRECT. Keeper SSO Connect is requiring Redirect. Changed the validator to accept either POST or REDIRECT.

  • Support for password-protected .pfx certificate files

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