Android Version 16.7.10

Released on Oct 25, 2023


  • AN-7909: New and improved search which matches iOS, Web Vault, Desktop App and Browser Extension algorithm.

Bug Fixes

  • AN-7892: Android is not receiving changed logout timer from iOS

  • AN-7397: If User A shares a record with a linked address or payment card to User B, User B cannot see the address or card fields.

  • AN-7946: Cannot open files of office types, such as .doc or .xls

  • AN-7988: KeeperFill prompt to enable is not appearing for Enterprise users

  • AN-7490: Auto-suggestion fixes

  • AN-7581: If a user changes a typed record (via Edit) that contains a TOTP field to a type that doesn’t have a TOTP field (in template), the record does not appear with the TOTP filter applied to the vault.

Security Updates

  • AN-7932, AN-7933: Security improvements found by Bugcrowd researchers

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