Android Version 16.8.10

Released on Jan 15, 2024


  • AN-7836: Account deletion feature added to the consumer version to adhere with app store policies

  • AN-7896: Support for FIDO2 Security Key as the only second factor

  • AN-7962: Performance updates

  • AN-7842: Any copyable field is also sendable to the Typer app (Long Press > Send to Typer)

  • AN-7563: Autofill creates V3 (Login) record types instead of old "general" type

  • AN-7542: Migrated to new records_revert API for reverting records from revision history

Bug Fixes

  • AN-7967: Switching screen orientation on family plan screen crashes the app

  • AN-8081: Plugging in certain USB Yubikey devices during registration causes a restart of the process

  • AN-8058: Crash in Android Wear app animation

  • AN-7861: Record preview for deleted V3 records not working

  • AN-8053: Watch favorite not updating for V2 (general) records

  • AN-8108: Crash when switching to landscape mode in Add Records screen

  • AN-8132: Password Zoom feature not following privacy screen enforcement policies

  • AN-8140: If a user with a large record count (e.g. 1k+ records) logs in from registration, the vault loads early (when compared to previous release 16.8.0) and no progress bar / loading bar appears.

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