Android Version 16.8.20

Released on March 19, 2024


  • AN-7757: Passkey Support: This feature allows users to securely sign into websites using passkeys stored in the Keeper Android Application. By leveraging autofill, users can conveniently authenticate without passwords, enhancing security and usability. Requires Android 14.

    • Passkeys work on websites and applications that have been specifically built to support them. Keeper maintains a passkey directory, which can be found HERE.

    • Upon tapping Create Passkey on a site or app, Keeper will intercept the request to create and save a passkey to your vault.

  • Returning to sites or apps where you have a stored passkey you will either be prompted to sign in with passkey or will be able to select Sign in with Passkey. Keeper does the rest!

Chrome and other Chromium based browsers do not have Passkey functionality enabled by default on Android devices. Credential Manager must be enabled.

Enable Passkeys on Android.

To enable Credential Manager follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome or a Chromium based browser.

  2. Type chrome://flags into the address bar.

  3. In the flags page that opens, tap the search box and search for passkeys

  4. Select Default button to display dropdown menu options and choose Enable for Google Password Manager and 3rd party passkeys.

  5. Click the Relaunch button that appears at the bottom of the browser.

Additional Updates:

  • AN-7768: Android 14 Support: Update ensures Keeper is fully optimized and functional with Android 14, allowing users to experience the latest security features, enhanced performance and improved usability.

  • AN-8006: UI Improvements: Addresses layout inconsistencies in the record view screen. Ensuring elements are aligned properly and visually synchronized for a cleaner and more intuitive user experience.

  • AN-7951: Biometric Login Enhancement: Speed improvements to biometrics. Reduces login time by half for improved user experience. Users upgrading from a previous version of Keeper will need to log in, navigate to settings, disable biometrics, and then re-enable them to benefit from this faster biometrics authentication.

Bug Fixes:

  • AN-8126: UI enhancement for passkey visibility when in dark mode.

  • AN-8069: Removal of 'Delete' icon when updating a Payment Card record type to another (e.g. Login, File Attachment, etc).

  • AN-7644: Fixes pop-up dialogue when downloading a .zip file from Keeper.

  • AN-8062: Update to Secure File Storage usage display. Only display to 2 decimal places.

  • AN-7503: Fix date display when using a timezone that is more than 1 day ahead of PST.

  • AN-8059: UI fix for 10GB subscriber to add more storage, button visibility.

  • AN-8044: Edit button visibility in record detail view, Arabic Language only

  • AN-7547: Allow Japanese character input via Security Answer Fields. Allow JP Keyboard.

  • AN-7600: Update to display proper dialogue when blocked SSO users attempts biometric login.

  • AN-7898: Allow search and autofill for Password Rotate Records created via Keeper Secrets Manager.

  • AN-8030: Updating a weak password to a strong one updates BreachWatch to resolved without having to utilize buttons in BreachWatch directly.

  • AN-8191: Fix to allow passkey authentication when accessing site logins on other devices.

  • AN-8194: Favorite Icon only appears on appropriate records.

  • AN-8192: Favorite Records & Recently modified records display at top of list.

  • AN-8201: Proper filtering results when selecting specific record types.

  • AN-8202: Design alignment for Passkeys.

  • AN-8210: Update "Overwrite Existing" prompt to "Create New" when existing is "Read Only".

  • AN-8208: Adjust "Login" record type when Enterprise enforcements prevent it.

  • AN-8212: Passkey Icon display follows Browser Extension.

  • AN-8209: Updated logic when adding passkeys to existing records

  • AN-8272: Record edit, UI Update to line spacing between menu options.

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