Android Version 16.8.40

Released May 5th, 2024


  • AN-7872: Finnish and Swedish support has been added, enhancing the app's accessibility for these languages.

Platform | Design Updates

  • AN-7991: Addressed compatibility issues with clipboard functions on Android 13.

  • AN-8099: Corrected padding issues on the 'Deleted' screen for better visual alignment.

  • AN-8214: Updated cryptographic standards to align Keeper Authentication (KA) and Android platforms.

  • AN-8244: Resolved issues where Chrome was not triggering Autofill correctly on username fields.

  • AN-8377: Removed the gift box icon from the Vault screen to simplify the interface.

  • AN-8411: Added a disclaimer to guide users on how to manually select "Keeper" in device settings if it doesn't appear automatically during the onboarding process.

  • AN-8420: Adjusted settings to ignore Automatic Update Settings (AUS) for development and quality assurance environments.

Bug Fixes

  • AN-8399: Enhanced management of expired file plans and old user data for cleaner user experience.

  • AN-8403: Resolved display issues for upgrade offers to users with multiple accounts.

  • AN-8408: Corrected storage limit displays for active unlimited users with 10 GB plans.

  • AN-8409: Fixed issues with active trial popups to improve user experience.

  • AN-7575: If an enterprise user in certain state (hasn't accepted vault transfer notice) recovers their account, they will be able to login once and use Keeper without the vault transfer acceptance prompt appearing.

  • AN-7665: Resolved issues related to submitting invalid phone numbers during two-factor authentication setup.

  • AN-8079: Resolved a crash occurring when loading favicon in the Play Store.

  • AN-8055: Fixed a crash related to deleting identity and payment information.

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