Android Version 14.3.5

Released on August 16, 2019

This is a major bug fix release which was fully rolled out by Aug 16, 2019.

Features & Benefits

  • Initial support for Android Q

Bug Fixes

  • Enterprise invite acceptance dialog not displayed on first login. Fixed.

  • Records restored from record preview screen not showing until next sync. Fixed.

  • Crash on BreachWatch purchase screen. Fixed.

  • Moving user into SSO node doesn't allow login until app reset

  • Keeper not appearing in Amazon Fire store. Fixed compatibility.

  • Autofill doesn't work properly when login and registration on same page. Fixed.

  • Can't sign into SSO with apostrophe in email. Fixed.

  • Autofill on Wallmart and eBay native apps fixed.

  • Password strength meter showed nothing when only 1 character entered.

  • Error during registration (attempt to invoke virtual method) fixed.

  • Autofill on Ameritrade app fixed.

  • Payment card autofill fixed on site.

  • Password masking enforcement policy not working with Autofill screens. Fixed.

  • Moving a record outside of a shared folder not reflected by other users. Fixed.

  • Sony experia device unable to download file attachments. Fixed.

  • Autofill with Firefox Focus visual issues - Fixed.

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