Android Version 15.0.10

Release ETA March 5, 2021


  • AN-638: The password zoom feature allows users to pinch/long press on a password within a record to enlarge it for improved visibility

Bug Fixes

  • AN-6671: Crash occurs during token verification

  • AN-6432: Logout timer forces logout if the user selects an unsupported value

  • AN-6489: A user is prompted twice for a Security Question/Answer if logout timer expires during creation

  • AN-6500: 2FA screen is not dismissed after user sets up Duo

  • AN-6505: SSO users are not logged out of the IdP on first logout attempt

  • AN-6540: Duo is not pre-selected as 2FA method after user completes enrollment

  • AN-6501: Changing Duo Voice from "Require code every login" to a different duration fails to save

  • AN-6190: "X" button to dismiss BreachWatch popup is not functional on some Pixel devices

  • AN-6097: Users added to an Enterprise Team don't automatically see Team folders when there are multiple accounts

  • AN-6376: "Invalid Client Version" error does not appear when multiple accounts are setup and the client is blocked by Keeper

  • AN-6230: Wildcard for generated password complexity enforcement should apply to empty URL

  • AN-6072: Master Password complexity enforcements are not narrowed down as the user meets requirements

  • AN-6050: Restoring a record's history does not bring the user back to record detail view

  • AN-6652: An error message is needed when a client key is not valid during Master Password update

  • AN-6457: Attempting to delete "https://" from a custom field fails to save

  • AN-6288: Users are prompted for 2FA method twice after Admin adds 2FA enforcement

  • AN-6712: A crash occurs when records are encrypted with the data key

  • AN-6547: Password generator doesn't generate passwords beyond 51 characters for users in a role with a password complexity enforcement requiring more than 51 characters

  • AN-6726: Share notifications do not appear when a share relationship exists

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