Android Version 15.4.0

Released on staged rollout starting Aug 9, 2021

Features & Improvements

This version includes several UI improvements surrounding the main search bar, filtering and sorting. We also added Password Zoom (press-and-hold the password field) with additional colors for clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • AN-6798: Security updates regarding implicit notifications

  • AN-6615: Biometrics become disabled if 2FA is enforced but not set.

  • AN-6396: Unable to set default payment card if many are saved.

  • AN-6345: Autofill appears on the Calculator app 😂

  • AN-5838: User locked out when account transfer acceptance is blocked.

  • AN-6805: Unable to login to SSO when Chrome is not the default browser.

  • AN-6804: More than 29 accounts on the same domain don't show any autofill results.

  • AN-6767: Android sending BreachWatch request to server that generates an error.

  • AN-6377: Unable to scroll long security answers in the Account Recovery flow

  • AN-6739: Share dialog appears twice after record shared

  • AN-6835: Crash on long click within Deleted Records screen

  • AN-6836: Tell a Friend screen replaced with new referral screen

Other Improvements

  • AN-6723: Completely removed Firebase Analytics which shows as a "tracker"

  • AN-6838: Added colors in the password viewer

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