Android Version 16.5.0

Released on August 24, 2022


  • AN-7449: Launch of Keeper One-Time Share for Android.

See the user guide for more info:

Bug Fixes

  • AN-7392: Camera icon in Identity & Payments needs update

  • AN-7389: Bugs with profile photos

  • AN-7388: Country dropdown list not in alphabetical order

  • AN-7354: Date picker causes keyboard to appear briefly

  • AN-7332: Crash when backgrounding the app in Identity & Payments section

  • AN-7358: Custom record template fields not masked properly

  • AN-6979: Crash on Samsung Galaxy Fold device

  • AN-6950: Account screen showing negative value for "Referral invites" on consumer

  • AN-7160: Autofill on US Bank App fills fields incorrectly

  • Several other crashes reported in the Google Play store resolved

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