Android Version 16.5.10

Released on Oct 4, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • AN-7576: Record detail stays on the screen when switching user accounts

  • AN-7565: SSO users unable to login offline with biometrics and swipe-kill app

  • AN-7448: Poor visibility of button colors with white text on yellow button

  • AN-7537: Removing an account from the Autofill login screen causes bad state

  • AN-6902: Incorrect screenshot showing in Autofill setup screens for Android 11+

  • AN-7311: Crash launching Autofill settings from device settings

  • AN-7495: Crash when user changes their email on another device while the Android app is in the foreground.


  • AN-7429, AN-7519: Performance improvements

  • AN-7464: Autofill settings gets a Help button

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