Android Version 16.5.5

Released on Sep 23, 2022


  • AN-7459: Autofill support for Vivaldi Web Browser

  • AN-7461: Autofill support for Brave browser

Bug Fixes

  • AN-7114: Password not filling for Instagram App

  • AN-6685: Card field not triggering Autofill in Doordash App

  • AN-6682: Autofill showing in "To" and "Search" fields in Samsung Mail App

  • AN-6246: Autofill unable to create records in landscape mode

  • AN-6691: Crash when clicking "Send New Code" in account recovery

  • AN-7438: Crash when the website favicon is too large

  • AN-7474: Autofill issues with DSW App

  • AN-7560: SSO user unable to complete account recovery

  • AN-7561: App hanging after submitting a capital letter security answer

  • AN-7579: App failure when attempting to purchase consumer add-on products

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