Android Version 16.6.20

Released on Jan 1, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • AN-7645: KeeperFill keyboard mode is not logging out. Relates to Bugcrowd ticket 5157c781-23eb-4e7f-a93e-f2b281193c1b reported by DavidM338c.

  • AN-7404: Folder colors not appearing when moving objects

  • AN-7379: Account Recovery + 2FA + Record types - the types are not enabled after account recovery.

  • AN-7516: Crash when launching a browser if there is no browser installed on the device.

  • AN-7343: Record Type change not functioning if the Record Types filter is enabled

  • AN-7181: No error and hanging happens upon upload of large file size

  • AN-6735: Entering a blank 2FA code provides no user feedback or error message

  • AN-7651: Shared Folder user lacks permission to create record even if they are part of a team that has permission

  • AN-7698: Enabling a security key can sometimes cause a crash

  • AN-6690: If a user's password gets changed on another client, after upgrading Android app- they will be prompted for the new password after login. After updating to the current password, user is not logged in automatically.

  • AN-7636: When a user changes their email on another client, Android misbehaves in a few different ways.


  • AN-6170: Refactored the UI for the BreachWatch screen

  • AN-6789: Clicking the "Dice" button to generate a password on an existing record will regenerate the password with at least the current strength setting.

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