iOS Test Flight

Availability based on scheduled releases

Prior to public release, Keeper's iOS Test Flight version provides early access to upcoming features and functionality.

To install iOS Test Flight use the link below:

Testing Instructions:

  1. Install Test Flight

  2. Join the Keeper iOS Beta

Please email us at if you encounter any issues with this new version.

Important Notes: - The Test Flight version of Keeper may or may not be available. We will update the invitation link on this page when it changes. - If you need to switch back to the public App Store version, you should perform a local app reset. Go to your Settings app > Keeper > Reset Keeper to reset the local storage. This won't affect your stored cloud data. - The Test Flight will eventually expire. After the Test Flight expires, we'll be live with this version on the app store, and you can just switch to the public store version. - If you encounter any bugs or issues with this version, please email us right away at

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