iOS Version 16.9.0

Released on Aug 30, 2023 (slow rollout)

iOS Version 16.9.0 is a major feature release which contains numerous UI improvements, advanced searching that matches the Web Vault and Desktop App, major speed improvements and support for large vaults with tens of thousands of records.

New Features

  • IOS-6657: UI/UX Refresh: Improved usability, flexible and smart searching

  • IOS-5395: Performance improvement for large vaults

  • IOS-6660: Additional 2FA time options (12 hours, 24 hours) in the selector

  • IOS-6063: Support for Self Destruct role enforcement policy

Bug Fixes

  • IOS-6843: Crash when using Autofill on large vault accounts on devices with memory constraints.

  • IOS-6677: Removed two unused certificate files from install package

  • IOS-6281: Several short spinners appear after restoring a deleted record

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