iOS Version 14.11.0

Released July 17, 2020

Features & Benefits

  • Privacy Screen - Admins now have the ability to control the viewing (unmasking) of passwords based on a specified domain. This policy is enforceable by the Admin for individual domains within each of their Generated Password Complexity settings by enabling "Apply Privacy Screen".

  • Logins Visible in Vault View - Each record's username/email are now visible in the "All Records" view of the vault, making it easier for users to locate a record when they have multiple logins for a single site.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: A message reading "A Wi-Fi or Data Connection is required" replaces the existing "client update" message at the login screen.

  • Fixed: A crash occurs when attempting to restore deleted records.

  • Fixed: Although changes are not saved, an error message fails to appear when a user attempts to modify a record when they lack record permissions.

  • Fixed: Restoring a record takes longer than it should when a user's vault exceeds 500 records.

  • Fixed: Various design issues.

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