iOS Version 14.7.0

Released on September 6th, 2019.

Features and Benefits:

  • New functionality using optical character recognition (OCR) adding the ability to scan and transcribe documents or images within the “Notes” section of any record by using the device's own camera and the new VisionKit framework

  • The "Create a record"/"Create a folder" button and respective animation have been enlarged and made more prominent within the tab bar for ease of use

  • The new Classic Blue and Metal themes are now available within "Settings"

  • BreachWatch was moved into the tab bar, replacing KeeperChat in the 2nd position left-to-right. KeeperChat remains available to subscribed customers in the slide-out left navigation menu.

Bugs & Fixes:

  • Fix for an overlap issue which caused the tooltip icon to overlap with the "Two-factor" authentication field within the record "Edit" view

  • Fix for an issue that causes the tooltip of the "Two-factor" field to become un-clickable when transitioning from Portrait mode to Landscape mode while editing a record

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