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Backend API Version 15.0.28

Release ETA October 16, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3485: Fix to change Enterprise storage expiration to license expiration date
  • KA-3430: Inviting a reserved domain user triggers an incorrect error message
  • KA-3433: iOS devices do not receive "device_locked" push notifications from admin tool
  • KA-3436: When providing the 6-digit code from an account that is using DUO, the response displays an error
  • KA-3460: SAML validation errors are incorrectly being logged
  • KA-3447: A log error is generated when deleting a role or privilege
  • KA-3464: Forgot Password flow is generating several error messages
  • KA-3477: SQL error is generated in "ChangeMasterPasswordCommand"
  • KA-3480: Command returns an invalid session token type for expired Unlimited account
  • KA-3281: Enterprise tool search functionality is not working as expected
  • KA-3489: Login fails for SSO On-Prem users when IP auto-approval is turned off, or if it's ON and new IP / Device