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Backend API Version 16.6.x

Released Sept 2, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • KA-4892: Share Admin implementation for Managed Companies
  • KA-4885: Event record_add not generated if a record is added directly to a shared folder
  • KA-4912: Incorrect message when deleting a shared-folder-folder
  • KA-4935: Stay Logged In (persistent login) showing OFF in situations when it's ON
  • KA-4984: SSO login and logout generates 502 error for some customers


  • KA-2593: Share Admin feature
  • KA-4188: Add the owner's email to the ARAM record removal event
  • KA-4844: MSP to MC Team Sharing
  • KA-4619: Support for multi-pagination syncing
  • KA-4832: Support the ability for Keeper Secrets Manager to delete a record