Browser Extension Version 16.7.3

Released on Nov 22, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • BE-5375: Passkey management not working on Firefox 119+
  • BE-5366: TOTP filling On Google Not Working For Equivalent Domains (e.g.,, etc)
  • BE-3272: Enterprise KeeperFill domain restrictions are not working with special characters in the URL
  • BE-5341: Creating a record with title only throws an error in Form filler
  • BE-5264: When a Keeper DNA (Watch device) user opts to use “Two-Factor Method” during device approval and approves the push, the extension goes back to the “Select Method” menu rather than proceed to the Master Password entry.
  • BE-5338: Firefox BE main screen not closed when record is launched from search or matching records
  • BE-5002, BE-5003, BE-5004, BE-5011, BE-5007: 508 compliance items
  • BE-5353: Site-specific fixes