Browser Extension Version 16.0.0
Released on Sep 27, 2021


    Updated User interface, added workflow optimizations around filling and viewing sites.
Browser Extension main screen
Address record in the Browser extension
    Support for the Amazon AWS GovCloud environment. Keeper is currently FedRAMP in-process and public sector entities can now establish their Keeper tenant in the GovCloud environment. Contact the public sector sales team at [email protected] for more information.
    Enhanced 508 Accessibility / Ergonomics support with high contrast themes, larger fonts, better visibility and generally a cleaner layout. Support for screen readers and Keyboard navigation have also been improved.
Keyboard navigation throughout the extension
    Our password generator has has its special characters set expanto this set:
    [email protected]#$%()+;<>=?[]{}^., Adding more special character is a balance between generating the most secure password possible, and ensuring the passwords generated do not cause issues on websites, this evolution increases our password entropy.

Bug Fixes

    BE-4068: Disable Stay Logged In enforcement not allowing user to turn off the setting.
    BE-4138: Better handling of the password strength slider
    BE-4141: Master Password re-entry feature broken on enforcement
    BE-4139: Auto-submit on
    BE-4085: Logout timer with blank input logs out of the extension
    BE-4100: Extension remembers email when Remember Email is Off
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