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Vault Version 14.2.0
Released on January 18, 2019

Enhancements & Benefits

    ​Additional EMEA corporate logos in grid view
    Support for enhanced Audit & Reporting backend
    Localization / translation improvements
    Automatically fixes "ownerless records" created by specific Account Transfer scenarios
    Several bug fixes reported by customers regarding 2FA token expiration
    Created integrity hash files that will be published to the Keeper download page

Known Limitations


Bug Fixes

    ​PDF export not sorting by folders
    User receiving a second 2FA prompt after login
    Remove debug output when running application in command-line mode
    Auto-logout on Desktop App reverts "remember 2FA for 30 days" setting

Coming Soon

    ​Web Vault release 14.4.0 is a feature release which supports Passphrase-Based SSO Offline Mode.
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