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Vault Version 14.4.0
Released on March 28, 2019

Features & Benefits

    For Business & Enterprise users the web vault now supports the ability to work offline. When an online connection is lost the vault will switch over to "Offline Mode" as indicated at bottom of vault.
    While offline users can view the vault contents in a read-only manner, a won't be able to add new records or folders.
    The offline vault is updated whenever you are back online. When logging in a "lightning bolt" next to your email address will indicate whether your vault will be available when offline.
    If you don't want to vault to be stored on your local device you can click the "x" by your login email name.
    Added "Right Click" option to create a new record from the vault screen
    Added Admin Console link on the left-hand navigation (for Admins Only)

Bug Fixes

    Resolved password importer issues with Internet Explorer
    UI issues in custom fields and long notes
    Properly redirect the user to EU vault when logging in on the US vault
    Removing image on personal info screen does nothing
    Can't view a file immediately after uploading
    Master password strength not reported to Admin Console until record creation
    BreachWatch screen showing old scan results for free users
    Reduced number of duplicate records created by Import Tool when using multiple browsers

Special Notes

SSO Master Password Option
Master Password Login Option (for SSO Users)
Offline Mode Indicator and Message
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