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Vault Version 15.0.12
Estimated Release Date: December 31, 2020


    VAUL-4547: Support for Kaspersky password import
    VAUL-4552: Admins now receive a warning before removing themselves from a shared folder
    VAUL-4566: Improved performance handling of vaults with large data sets
    VAUL-4551: Enterprise users to receive notification with explanation for Master Password change and complexity requirements upon login

Bug Fixes

    KDE-945: User receives error message after closing Desktop App and relaunching
    KDE-962: "About Keeper" options menu fails to appear after first launch of Desktop App on Windows
    KDE-972: KeeperFill for Apps fails to respond to hotkeys when switching between apps
    KDE-973: Recipient of a shared record is required to login again after the shared record has been edited
    KDE-903: Hotkey "CMD+TAB" focuses on KeeperFill for Apps when hidden instead of Desktop App (Mac)
    VAUL-4560: Deleting a record shortcut also deletes the original record
    VAUL-4468: Importing CSV records with "can edit" permission does not set permission
    VAUL-4562: Entering an email address with a trailing space at login generates an error message
    VAUL-4574: Sharing a folder causes login errors for the sharing user
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