Browser Extension Version 15.3.3

Released on May 10, 2021

Bug Fixes & Security Updates

  • BE-3803: Improved memory management / clearing after logout
  • BE-3864: Right click menu to create payment card not working
  • BE-3956: Select-all Ctrl+A appended 'a' to end of the string
  • BE-3864: Google sign-in screen not prompting to save password
  • BE-3914: Stay Logged In sometimes not keeping the user logged in
  • BE-3840: Crowdstrike login interferes with icons
  • BE-3991: When a user creates a new record from the the password generator, the autofill and autosubmit toggle settings don't save
  • BE- 3988: Unable to login to extension when Yubikey is activated (Firefox)

Accessibility (508 Compliance)

  • Keeper has been making UI changes across all web-applications and browser extensions to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. § 794d). The Keeper browser extension now supports keyboard navigation and it's compatible with popular screen readers and other assistive technology.
508 Compliance
The vault search bar is always visible, and the search logic matches the Web Vault and Desktop App algorithm exactly. Therefore, the same search can be applied in both platforms. Users can search for a website login or any other piece of other information stored in their Keeper vault by simply opening the extension and entering their search criteria. The search feature is case insensitive and will match any record within your vault as you type, even partial words. The search results can also be sorted by name and date.

Password Generator

Keeper's password generator is now within easy reach in the extension toolbar landing screen. Users can generate and copy the secure password or use it to create a new record directly from the main screen.

Matching Records

The new "Matching Records" screen will now appear in the extension toolbar window.
Clicking the copy icon next to a record gives you the option to quickly copy the username and password or you can autofill the record by clicking the fill button. If there are many record matches, users can enter search terms to narrow down the results and even sort them by name or date.

Autofill & Auto Submit Setting at the Record-Level

The Autofill and Auto Submit settings can be enabled or disabled for individual records from both the extension toolbar and fill window.
Important Notes:
  • This setting will override the global Auto Submit setting.
  • If you have multiple records that match the same website, Keeper will not auto-fill and you will be prompted to select the record to fill. When there are multiple matches to a domain, you must click "Fill" to prevent undesirable behavior.

Search for Matching Records by Domain

From the on-page fill window, users can filter on all records matching the current site's domain name. This is helpful for sites with many stored records.